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We are Blackburn Training Center, the Jersey Shore’s Premier Strength and Conditioning Gym, located in Wall, New Jersey. BTC is dedicated to changing lives through fitness coaching & education. We have helped thousands of people lose weight, increase strength and gain control of their health through our customized fitness programs.

Nutrition education
Dedicated coaches
Regimented training programs that create long term sustainable results

By continually staying on the cutting edge of the health and fitness industry, Blackburn Training Center has grown into one of the most sought after elite fitness facilities in the region. If you are ready to see some serious results and change your life forever, then contact Blackburn Training Center today.

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The classes at Blackburn Training are unlike any other workout you've experienced before. We incorporate strength, conditioning, mobility and so much more. Each class is custom designed to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals through constantly varied, functional movements. Our personal trainers / coaches are there every step of the way to ensure proper execution and keep you motivated to continue moving forward.


Our Team Training is designed specifically to help you burn fat, build muscle and feel good. This class is for all ability levels and is customized based on your level of experience, level of fitness and overall goals.

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Team Training 2.0 provides our more experienced members with advanced training programs designed to take your mind and body through more technical, physically demanding workouts. 

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Kettlebells have been around for thousands of years helping people from all walks of life to get lean, strong, burn body fat, build muscle and transform their bodies.

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Our experienced and passionate yoga instructors help you to reduce both mental and physical stress, as well as keep you strong, flexible, energized and highly focused.

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Take The FIRST STEP Towards The Best Physical & Mental Shape Of Your Life... a part of the family,   join team blackburn today!

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"It's hard to find the right gym to fit you and your specific goals. I have tried everything under the sun and I have found my fit at Blackburn training center. I love the combination of high intensity body weight movements, kettle bells and running/rowing. The workouts are fun and effective which make working out something to look forward to each day. The group of people that attend this gym are so nice and encouraging. The coaches as well are all so great and have different styles of teaching which keeps things interesting. I am very happy to have found this gym to fit my lifestyle so perfectly."


"I can't say enough about BTC! After my first workout I was hooked and I have been going ever since. I train 3-4 days a week and the workouts are always different to keep you motivated and challenged. All the coaches are very hands on and they truly care about your goals and helping you succeed. I have never been this consistent at a gym my entire life. If you're looking for a dedicated team while having fun and meeting awesome new people, this is the place for you!"


"O.M.G.! I can't say enough good things about this place. James is a fantastic coach and Blackburn is more than just a gym. The workouts are always on point and the team is excellent, Courtney and Dave are excellent coaches and they always bring their A-game. If you are looking for a great workout with great people this is your place. Stop what you are doing and get in there!"