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As the obesity rate reaches an all time high and many people are experiencing the life threatening effects of being overweight it’s my goal to help provide you with simple and effective strategies to living a healthier life.  What continues to amaze me is the fact that we have more knowledge and more health clubs than ever before yet our Nations obesity continues to rise at an alarming rate.  The five steps listed below have been used by thousands of people worldwide to achieve life changing results and you can begin using them today.


What exactly does that mean?  After over 14 years in the fitness industry I can say without a doubt that those individuals with a positive outlook on life are far more likely to achieve better results that those that have a negative mindset.  So how do we achieve a positive mindset?  We must first set some simple and realistic goals; this will help get you started on the right foot.  For many it will be joining a gym, for those with a current gym membership the focus will be on getting back into the gym with a new and positive mindset to achieve some life changing results.


Many of us have tried to achieve fitness goals in the past without help from a professional coach and unfortunately for the majority of us it didn’t work out the way we had anticipated.  One way we can improve our chances of success is to hire a fitness professional to help guide us, motivate us and hold us accountable.  It’s no surprise that individuals that hire a coach/trainer are far more likely to achieve not only faster and more effective results but also have a more enjoyable experience.  Finding the right trainer that has the right amount of knowledge and experience can involve doing a little research on your part but it will pay off big time.


There’s no doubt that beginning a new fitness routine can be confusing with all the information out there and that can make it difficult to know what to believe.  I suggest you start simple and begin making small changes each and every day.  My top 5 simple tips to starting simple are:1) Don’t skip breakfast, 2)Use APP like My Fitness Pal to keep a food log, 3) Drink at least 50% of your bodyweight in ounces of water, 4) Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night and 5) Aim to do a minimum of 40 minutes of exercise each and everyday.


It’s critical that you put pen to paper and have a daily/weekly action plan.  This will include your daily workouts, your nutritional plan and also your daily thoughts and feeling as your journey continues.  It will make it easy for your trainer/coach to make any necessary changes to your schedule to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.  I highly recommend you choose one day a week like Sunday to write down you’re 7 day plan.


There’s a huge possibility that you may experience obstacles along the way but it’s important that we stay determined during these challenging times.  Feeling tired, frustrated and often overwhelmed is completely normal and it’s important that you communicate these thoughts to your coach so together you can make any adjustments to your program or simply give you some much needed advice on how to get through this sticking point.  You may even experience some kind of plateau during your journey, this is a completely normal response of the body and it won’t last forever so just remain focused.

Take Action

So after reading my top 5 tips to living a healthier lifestyle you should now be ready to start taking the necessary steps to a new and improved you.  It’s important that you enjoy the journey and have a support system to help you along the way.  I am a huge believer is staying away from all negative situations and using health and fitness as an outlet to help us grow and develop day by day.  No matter where you’re starting from know that tomorrow you will be better than you were today both mentally and physically.