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Our team at the gym live extremely busy lives. We have corporate employees, nurses, teachers, and parents who work full-time…you name it. No matter what their profession or home life, there’s always a reason to get too busy and put off a workout in the gym. I make it one of my main priorities to keep them on track and held accountable for missing workouts. Not only do I want my team to get the most out of their membership, but I truly care about each individual and their health and wellness. Take a look at some of the ways to keep your workouts consistent, no matter how much life gets in the way!

Plan Your Week Ahead

Because I’m always in and out of the gym, I take Sundays to really plan out my week ahead. I do my grocery shopping and all my meal preps for the week in the morning (if I don’t do a meal delivery service that week). I usually take Sundays off (my day of rest!) from the gym, so it allows me to get my week in order so I free up time for myself after weekly gym hours. It’s amazing how much time I save just by doing something that only takes an hour or so out of my day!

Get Some Good Night Zzzzzz’s 

I can’t stress this enough: getting a good night sleep every night will ensure an even better day. When you are rested, you have more energy to tackle your workday and your stress levels decrease. This leads to more energy for a killer workout as well. Make sure you set a decent time to get to bed each night and stick to it! That way when your day gets busy, it will leave you with enough energy to stick to your daily workout.

Make Sure Your Food Habits Are On Point

Your daily food habits are integral to your workouts. Planning ahead with healthy snacks and meals for your day will make you less likely to indulge in junk food or run out to get meals to go. This leaves you more time to get that workout in and not put it off. It also gives you more motivation because you have the energy to power through each workout of the day!

Make Your Workout Your First Priority In The AM 

By getting a good night sleep, you enable yourself to tackle an early workout before you start your busy day. Not only will your workday be more productive, you lessen the chance of skipping exercise that day because you got too busy after work to make it to the gym. You’ll also find that you have more energy to really give it your all in that am workout as well!

Take Time For Yourself 

Listen, no one is perfect. The best way to truly keep on track is to take excellent physical and mental care of yourself. You’ll find that by creating a good sense of balance in your life you’ll stress less and get more things accomplished. Don’t be too hard on yourself if something unexpectedly pops up, but hold yourself accountable for the slips.

By keeping up a consistent workout, you’ll find that it reflects in every part of your life as well. Always remember that when it comes to your health, #consistencyiskey! One of the best ways to stay on track with your exercise is to take a strength and conditioning class with us! Check it out!