Welcome to Blackburn Training Center

A State of the Art Fitness Center At the Jersey Shore

Blackburn Training Center is the Jersey Shore’s premier strength and conditioning center dedicated to changing lives through fitness coaching & education. We have helped thousands of people lose weight, increase strength and gain control of their health through our customized fitness programs. Our unique approach to fitness incorporates nutrition education, dedicated coaches and regimented training programs that create long term sustainable results for our clients. By continually staying on the cutting edge of the health and fitness industry, Blackburn Training has grown into one of the most sought after elite fitness facilities in the region. If you are ready to see some serious results and change your life forever, then contact Blackburn Training Center today.

When you join Team Blackburn, you are not just joining one of the #1 Fitness Gyms on the Jersey Shore, you are joining a family. We pride ourselves in promoting a positive and encouraging atmosphere that allows you to grow and reach your health and fitness goals.

And best yet, Blackburn Training Center is not just strength and conditioning for adults. We are starting our second year of Team Blackburn’s Fit Kids for youth fitness, weight loss, confidence building and nutrition education that builds a foundation of health for life.

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