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I’ve worked in several gyms (before owning my own) and trained hundreds of people and there is one mistake I’ve seen countless times…people doing pushups all wrong!  It’s a common mistake, but unfortunately one that people don’t always realize they are doing incorrectly.  Wrong form can not only take away from your workout and mission to increase lean muscle mass, but it can cause injury.  So let’s take a look at ways to keep your pushup form on point and give it more power!

Keep Your Palms Directly Below Your Shoulder

Spreading your hands further apart is a good way to do a lot less work.  In doing so, you shorten the distance from your body to the floor and put more stress on your shoulders (which can eventually cause injury).  A great way to remedy this is by making sure to keep your palms directly below your shoulder and your elbows and arms to your side.  This ensures that you are working both your biceps and triceps and giving your whole body a workout.  Want to take your pushups to the warrior level.. try a Spiderman pushup!  Named for the superhero that loves to climb walls, do a regular pushup but raise one knee to your elbow as you rise and then alternate from one side to the other.

Don’t Just Focus On The Push

It’s important to not just focus on the push, concentrate on the descent as well.  Even though it’s called the pushup, the act of lowering your body is just as important.  Making sure your head is straight and your body is moving to the floor correctly makes for even better form.  It’s very important to focus on your strength, stamina, and speed for an overall complete movement.  You’re never going to increase your pushup reps if you don’t focus on these key parts.

Stretch It Out

Form and function are key components to the perfect pushup, but it’s equally important to make sure you are stretching between sets and after.  Muscle tension is great when it leads to muscle gain, but it can also lead to pain if you are properly stretching and shaking off all that tension.  Hanging back on your knees and pressing your arms forward or into a bridge is a great way to stretch those muscles and empower your next set of pushups.

Pushups are one of the most important exercises of your workout of the day.  Make sure to focus on your form and function (and your stretch) and in no time you will be increasing your reps and powering up your pushup!