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I always tell my warriors that running is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. It not only helps keep you in shape physically, but it’s a great way to clear your mind and keep you fit mentally. When the warmer weather shifts to cold most people simply stop running till the spring. Unfortunately, hanging up your running sneakers for the winter stops your running progression and lessens your conditioning. Let’s take a look at ways you can keep your running on track (literally!) for the cold weather season and increase your steps for the spring.

1. Become Friends With The Treadmill

I know most people like to call it the “dreadmill,” but the treadmill will help keep you in line with your running. Once you feel you are at a good speed and interval incline make sure to keep your runs consistent. Don’t slack off just because you think the treadmill isn’t as challenging as an outside run.

2. Keep Your Pace

Make sure to keep your running aligned with your current pace and mileage all-year-round. If running inside on a treadmill or taking a run outside means you have to cut your runs shorter, make the most out of each mile. You might want to try for a faster pace by giving each mile all that you’ve got. Don’t slack just because you are running a shorter race each time, try to push yourself for better speed and endurance.

3. Step Up Your Glutes Game

Your glutes and hips are an integral part of running and an area that is often overlooked. Glutes help you run more efficiently by helping you drive off the ground. Sitting all day at a job only helps to weaken them both, which can cause serious injury to runners. Make sure you are focusing on both areas with your workout of the day. It will only help to strengthen your run!

4. Keep Your Core and Your Posture On Point

Having a strong core and good posture is important for every runner. Poor posture translates to poor running very easily, mostly because if you aren’t standing straight during the day you’ll most likely have the same slouch when running. Strengthen your core and keep your posture straight with various plank exercises. They will help keep your muscles in line and tight and you’ll be less prone to injury.

5. Change Up Your Workout Of The Day

Strength and conditioning training is a fantastic way to keep your body in good form for running. When you are working and strengthening every part of your body, your lean muscle mass increases and your running only benefits from it. Make sure to switch your workouts up and try something new. It will only increase your ability for a stronger workout and balance.

The worst thing a warrior can be is lazy. Please make sure to always stretch properly before a run or a class and keep the momentum going!  If you follow these simple guidelines, you should be in good form for the spring and ready to tackle all the races ahead.