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I remember my first strength training class at Blackburn Training Center. I was out of shape (especially for someone that started playing sports when she was 5) and had to take a mandatory kettlebell workshop. I was nervous and afraid that I was going to seriously hurt myself. I got through the class, but going forward I found myself skipping the weights. Conditioning classes were extremely hard and challenging, but I felt much more comfortable tackling those then a strength training class. James began noticing that I was skipping the strength classes and pushed me to try some out.   He said how important it was for everyone to incorporate strength training into their weekly workouts, especially women. Here’s why…

You’ll Burn More Calories

I used to think they only way I would burn calories is if I did a conditioning workout (read: cardio). I think early on in life, women buy into the myth that we need to run, spin or dance our way to burn off calories. And if we should start to lift weights we’ll just be left looking bulky with big muscles. The truth is, when women strength train they build lean muscle mass. The more muscle mass your body builds, the higher your metabolism is. And you know what that means: the higher the metabolism, the higher amount of calories you are likely to burn off from your workout.

You’ll Give Your Conditioning An Added Kick Start

The benefits to building muscle mass don’t just stop at your metabolism. By building muscle mass from strength training your cardio workouts will also get an added kick start. That means more endurance and power for your conditioning workouts and more speed for your runs. You’ll also find yourself surpassing those plateaus that can often be hit with conditioning training.

Your Chances of Injury Decrease

As your lean muscle mass increases, your chance of injury decreases. This is due to the fact that your muscles only become stronger and more agile when you strength train, making you less prone to injury. You’re also strengthening your bone density for the future.

Your Mirror Will Thank You

Research recently revealed that only about 20 percent of American women get in the recommended two strength sessions per week ( But by putting in two strength training classes each week, your muscles and mirror will thank you.  Each week you will see that you can add another rep and your lean muscle mass will only increase.  Not only are you getting stronger, but you will start seeing results almost immediately.

Let’s be real: for novices, strength training is a little scary…a little intimidating. But being taught proper form and technique will ease those fears significantly. One of the best parts about Blackburn Training Center is that no one (except our coaches) is watching your every move. At previous gyms I’ve joined I always felt like everyone was more concerned about what the person next to you was doing.  At BTC, we all focus on our own workouts and are there to support one another. No one staring, competing or trying to make you feel like you can’t tackle any workout that’s put in front of you. And that’s exactly what you need to get your strength training on!