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Before I reveal to you how to find the most elite coaches in your area, let’s go over why they’re the best. Let’s face it: we all want the best of the best. And what you may find is that spending a little extra will mean the difference between a good experience and a great one!

Almost every member that joins our transformation team have been to other gyms, trained with other coaches and tried more diets and workout DVDs than they care to remember. So why did it take them so long to find the best fit? They didn’t know how to find the very best or where to begin to look for it! Read on to find out how…

Research, Research, Research

Doing research is your first step in figuring out who is transforming people’s lives on a regular basis. It’s true that good news travels fast, and these days the quickest way it travels is via social media. Facebook and Instagram are terrific platforms for connecting with the best professionals in your area. By visually seeing the impact that an amazing coach has on a friend (or even friend of a friend), you can start researching and comparing different trailblazers in your area. Each gym and coach should have their own site that really gives you a feel of what they have to offer to impact a healthy change in your life.

What Certifications Should They Have?

Although a certification may mean nothing to most people, it can speak volumes when it comes to who you hire to transform your health and wellness. There are many certifications out there ranging from a quick four hour certification to countless hours devoted to educating oneself on specific areas of fitness. I’m a huge fan of the Strong First Kettle Bell Certification and Precision Nutrition Nutritional Certification. My personal favorite is the Training For Warriors Certification delivered by on of the top coaches on the planet: Mr. Martin Rooney. All in all, it’s important that the coach you decide upon has the knowledge and expertise to get you where you need and want to go in your health and fitness.

Is It A Perfect Fit For You?

With all the different methods of training out there, the most important part is that it has to be enjoyable. If it isn’t, the odds of you continuing to train are extremely low. With that being said, taking advantage of a risk-free trial is essential to see if you actually enjoy working out in that environment. It’s almost impossible to have a gym that caters to the entire world, so make sure your goals (and your personality) are a perfect match for the gym before fully committing to a program. It’s very normal to feel intimidated in the beginning stages of starting a new gym, especially because the classes can be extremely challenging. But if the coach or atmosphere feels too uncomfortable and you can’t see yourself staying there for a long period of time…I suggest you check out another gym. IMMEDIATELY!

Access, Accountability and Association

My 3 A’s are really important in order to become successful: access, accountability and association. First, when it comes to access you must be able to reach out to your coach if you questions or concerns about anything. So before you sign on that dotted, contract line, make sure that your coaches are always accessible (whether it be via phone, email or even social media). Secondly, achieving life changing results isn’t easy but the right coach will have some pretty powerful answers to help keep you on track. Having a coach that keeps you accountable with your training and nutrition is so important and ensures that you will continue to progress on your life changing journey. Finally, we all need a great team so having an association to people on a path like yourself is bound to motivate and inspire you to keep going. Association to others on the same journey helps you feel like you’re not the only one fighting this battle and it truly makes you feel amazing to be part of that team!

Trust your coaches and let them guide you on your health path! Want to read more about the coaches at Blackburn Training Center…check us out and see what we have to offer!