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Let’s face it: we’ve all heard stories of amazing results like this before. But the real question is…how did she do it? I’m not here to tell you that this type of transformation is easy, but I am going to tell you that it’s entirely possible. I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life helping people change their lives and I want to share with you a blue print to success. Let’s start at the beginning, when Linda decided that she wanted to lose fat, build muscle, and feel great. Here’s the game plan that she followed!


Figure out exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve! Chances are you’re looking to lose fat, build muscle and feel great…right? Awesome! Stick to this goal and don’t let it out of your mindset. It’s important that you don’t deviate from your original goals, no matter what gets in the way.


Make sure the reason you want to achieve this goal is powerful! Say you’re looking to do this to help a friend out because she needs a workout partner. You may eventually win a prize for being a great friend, but chances are this new journey may not last too long and you’ll quickly fall back into your old habits. But maybe instead, (like millions of people around the world) you’re depressed, have no self confidence and your stress levels are skyrocketing! Now you realize that you need to make some changes in your life immediately. These reasons are powerful and armed with the mindset that you should have a much better chance of achieving your goals. So now what?


Now it’s time to find a coach that can provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and accountability you need to become unstoppable. You may be asking yourself, what’s the best way to find a coach? First, do your research! In today’s day and age we can quickly jump on Google and research local gyms. After searching through the list and crossing off all the large corporate gyms and 99.9% of CrossFit gyms, now it’s time to begin interviewing coaches :).


During the interview process you want to make sure to ask specific questions to make sure the coach and team have the expertise and experience to take your goals as serious as you do. Some examples: How long have you been coaching for? Can you show me any transformations of people just like me? What was the latest certification or seminar you attended?

It’s important that you get a coach that continues to educate themselves or you’ll end up with a stagnant coach that gets stuck. Now it’s time to check out the gym and see what the coach is all about in their environment.


The gym should be clean, the coach should be well spoken and well presented. He/she should speak with confidence and also be a good listener. He/she should be able to fully explain how they’re going to help you achieve your goals and put together a 4-12 week road map of your road to success. He/she should have an assessment process (including measurements) which is vital to measuring your progress :). If the interview goes well and you feel a good chemistry then you sign on the line and you’re ready to unleash the warrior. On the other hand, if the interview doesn’t go well you shake his/ her hand, say thank you for your time, and you call another facility.


Once you find the perfect coach the only thing left to do is to wake up determined and follow the coaches instructions. The right coach will go above and beyond to make sure you’re making the necessary changes and are working towards your goals.


Never forget that actions speak louder than words. A coach can provide you with all the necessary tools in the world, but it’s up to YOU to stay focused. Remember, the key to success is building a great working relationship with your coach. This is vital to your success, and the more communication you have the better your chances of success will be!

So…what are you waiting for? Click here to set up a strategy call with Blackburn Training Center – we are just what you’re looking for!