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Even though snow fell on the first day of spring last week, we are rapidly approaching warm weather and summer. All those months of cold weather and layers of clothes will soon be a thing of the past. And those unhealthy meals and days where you skipped the gym are going to add up more than ever. Now is the time to start thinking and planning your execution of your best self for summer. Take a look at my plan of action to get your best summer body yet!


Hire A Coach

Let’s face it: you’re not doing so well on your own. You just aren’t making it to the gym as much as you need to and not holding yourself accountable. The best part about hiring a coach and joining a team is that you consistently have someone watching your back and keeping you on track. Your workouts are set and you no longer have to feel like you are going at things alone. Check out our Membership Benefits: and ask yourself what’s holding you back!

Ditch the Carbs & Refined Sugars

That old expression, #youarewhatyoueat, is more true than you realize. Everything you put in your body makes a difference when it comes to gaining and losing weight. Your body has a hard time breaking down complex carbohydrates and refined sugars. And if you fill up on them, skip your workout and miss the chance to burn all that sugar, it quickly turns to fat. Really take a look at what you are eating and focus on fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. I’m not saying to give up everything you love, but moderation is the key. If you’re working out 5 times a week and still eating terribly, not much is going to chance. Log your meals each day and take a look at what you need to cut out to eat smarter and healthier.

Don’t Just Focus on Conditioning or Strength…You Need Them Both

Women think the only way to lose weight is through cardio, while men feel they can only build lean muscle mass through strength training. Guess what, men and women need both if they want to get to the best shape of their life. Squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees, planks and pull-ups are going to help you get strong and lean for your swimsuit. Don’t just focus on one set of training, do a combination of both weekly to get in your best summer shape!

Get Some Rest

I’ll say it over and over again: no matter how old you are, each person needs a good night sleep. Not only does sleep give you copious amounts of energy, it also helps keep your metabolism and appetite in check. Not to mention sleep reduces the stress that creeps into your everyday life.   #getsomezzzz

It’s Mind Over Matter

Stop making excuses about why you can’t train and do it! If you constantly take the easy way out, you won’t get very far in life. Hold yourself accountable (or find a friend or coach to help you) and focus on what you want out of the life you lead. It’s easy to let stress and problems cloud your focus, so keep realistic goals in place to keep you on the right track. #youhavetomaintaintotrain


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