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People often ask me how I’ve gotten to where I am…and obviously it’s been through a myriad of hard work and discipline. I’ve been a positive person most of my life, but it hasn’t been because my life has always been perfect. I learned early on to take control of my life and know that what I put out into the world would surely come back to me. I think it’s much easier to be downtrodden or miserable and give in to all the negative things that can happen to us. Instead, I really believe if you focus on what’s in front of you, anything is possible. Take a look at some of the ways I make the positives outweigh the negatives…

If You Love What You Do, You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before, but there’s honestly no truer statement. Early on, I realized that I had a passion and dedication to health and fitness. Helping people to transform their lives made such an impact on me that I decided to make a career out of it. I wake up everyday knowing that I am doing what I was destined to do. If you pick something you are passionate about and love, I promise you that it will never feel like work.

Focus On Your Own Stuff

It sounds very trite and simple, but if you want to be successful you really need to focus on yourself and not what others around you are doing. It’s so much easier to get caught up in other people’s issues than your own. And if I constantly worried about what others were doing and how it was going to affect me, I would never get anything done.

Surround Yourself With People On The Same Path

I’ve often found that you are what you surround yourself with. It only makes sense to be with people that want similar things out of life as yourself. You’ll find that those on the same path as  you cause less drama in your life and much more positivity. The opinions of others only matter if they genuinely care about your happiness.

Make The Best Out Of Everyday and Every Situation By Giving It Your All

It’s much easier to be a negative person than a positive one…and it takes far less energy. Again this sounds simple, but I always try to look for the reason behind something and what lesson it can teach me. A positive outlook on things always gives me a much clearer head and helps me to persevere. I give everything I have to each situation I’m in and I don’t give up. Ever. #dontstopwontstop

I truly believe that the most successful person in life isn’t the one with the most money or the most tangible things…it’s the person that truly loves their life for everything it is. Money may make things easier in life, but it can’t give you character or integrity. Being true to who you are and creating a life that you love leading are the ultimate keys to my happiness.