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And 4 Steps To Making 2015 Your Best Year Yet

Just like you I have goals and dreams of making 2015 the best year of my life, but in 2014 I decided to go into beast mode with work and what happened was terrible. I worked long hours in the gym and ended up burning out not just mentally, but physically as well. Instead of running a gym and enjoying every second of it, my stress levels were at an all time high and my gym was running me. I had sleepless nights almost daily and afternoon naps became one of the most important parts of my day. I began to feel lazy, out of shape, and unable to keep myself laser focused.

I began to feel like a zombie and regret the 14 hour shifts in the gym. Even though my bank account grew, my health was suffering. For the first time in years I had to make multiple trips to the doctor and found that all the issues I was having were caused by stress and lack of sleep. I knew I had to do something different in 2015 and I needed someone to hold me accountable. I felt confident that if I told a few of my mentors and coaches about my goals for 2015 they would ensure I worked smarter rather than harder…and now that’s exactly what’s happening.

Even though my schedule only calls for me to be in the gym 3 days a week, I’m in there much more rocking on all cylinders. My training sessions are scheduled and nothing gets in my way from sweating and smiling. I’ve joined multiple successful teams and began to become laser focused again. Training for Warriors became a huge part of my life, and I have to say joining them was a game changing decision for our team.

Just a week or so in and I’m sleeping 7-8 hours a night, waking up refreshed, and ready to complete all my daily tasks. I have people holding my feet to the fire…which only motivates me to get it done! If you don’t have a coach or a mentor, search for one that fulfills all that you are looking for: inspiration, a great attitude towards life, a proven track record, and someone that you see leading you to victory. It’s that simple.

2014 was a tough year for sure, but after making some changes and hiring a few people I was able to create an amazing action plan for 2015. Here’s my FOUR easy to follow steps…

STEP 1: Don’t try to do it alone

Surround yourself with those on the same mission and tell them your goals. This will create an external accountability loop which will drastically increase your chances of success. Give people deadlines as to when you will have something. This increases the likelihood of you getting it done tenfold.

STEP 2: Have a DAILY action plan

Think through your goals: health goals, income goals, relationship goals, career goals. Write them down. Have small steps written out each day in each of these categories. Example: Go to gym, send three proposals, tell wife I love her, etc. Stay away from broad, unrealistic goals which will only cause you action paralysis. The more focused and incremental your goals, the better. That’s not to say you can’t dream big. It’s just that your daily action steps need to be small enough to accomplish.

STEP 3: Take Massive ACTION

Start each day with your to-do list and cross out things as you go along. This creates a powerful amplification when you accomplish each item. Organize your list in terms of importance: high priority, high value tasks on top and lower priority ones at the bottom. Low value tasks should be cut out completely!

STEP 4: Plan your day the night before

Don’t go to bed without writing down your action plan / to-do list for the next day. This allows you to go to bed with a clear head not worrying about what you have to do tomorrow. It will all be written down so it’s out of your head and all you have to do tomorrow is follow the plan!

Now it’s your turn to plan and take action!!

James BlackburnJames Blackburn is our head coach who has dedicated his life to helping people change theirs. He has become one of the premier fitness instructors in New Jersey, with almost two decades worth of experience in the fitness industry. Upon completion of graduation from High Melton College with a degree in Sports Science, he achieved the title of Top Trainer at Work Out World and went on to earn his ACSM C.P.T., C.E.S. and HKC licences. Realizing a need for a results-based strength and conditioning center, he opened Blackburn Training Center at the Jersey Shore which has since grown into one of the top training facilities in the region. Jame’s is passionate about changing people’s lives through fitness coaching and education.