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I’ve seen so many people come into the gym and work out 4/5 days a week and then complain that they aren’t losing weight as quickly as they thought they would. What I constantly have to remind them is that along with exercising you have to change the way you are eating. It’s pretty simple…when you healtstrength train, your body build lean muscle mass. And when you fill your diet with healthy proteins and fats (along with fruit and vegetables) your body breaks down those foods at a much faster rate. But when you fill your body with processed foods, complex carbohydrates, and chemicals it just turns to fat. People need to put as much thought into their daily diet as they do their daily workout. Let’s take a look at a few of the foods you need to start adding to your diet and some of the foods that you think are healthy and aren’t!


Get In My Belly:


Grass-fed Meats

Grass-fed livestock snacks on a healthy diet of legumes and grass forage. In turn, you get less saturated and mono-saturated fats than grain-fed livestock (the normal meats and dairy you purchase at the grocery store) and up to 5 times more of the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and twice as much conjugated linoleic acid as grain-fed meats ( You’re also consuming Vitamin A, E and lots of healthy antioxidants.


Rather than fill your plate with rice, quinoa is one super food I add to my plate and never get sick of. It’s a complete protein and packed with essential amino acids, iron, and contains twice as much fiber as other grains. That helps to fill up your belly much faster (which in turn gives you a better handle on portion control).


I know people are so over kale, but the benefits of eating it are unstoppable. Kale is packed with cancer fighting antioxidants, healthy fiber, and Vitamins A, C & K. Adding kale to your diet strengthens your immune system, lowers blood glucose levels for diabetics, reduces heart disease, and helps support a healthy digestive tract.


Kefir is a fermented milk product that basically tastes like yogurt in a glass…and it’s delicious! It one of the most rich probiotic foods and contains healthy doses of Vitamin B12 & K2, magnesium, and calcium. It also boosts immunity and helps build bone density.


Get Out of My Shopping Cart:



Even a small amount of most of the granola in the market is not as healthy as you think it is! Most granola has trans fat and sugar, which can aid in the risk of heart disease. And when a small potion doesn’t satisfy you and you keep coming back for more, the slew of high calories only increases your waistline!

Energy/Protein Bars

Most of the energy and protein bars you see in the grocery store are not what you think they are! You may think they are loaded with high fiber and protein, but they often contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. The more ingredients you see on the package the more processed the food is…stay away!

Frozen Yogurt

When looking for dessert people often choose frozen yogurt over ice cream. While they are much lower in saturated fats, the calories and sugar add up (and all the toppings) only causing you gain weight.

Flavored Drinks

Most people don’t realize all the chemicals and sugar that are added to drinks to make them seen healthier. Anything diet is going to be filled with ingredients that you can’t pronounce (never a good thing) and chemicals to sweeten. And all those vitamin waters and sports drinks are full of sugar and carbohydrates! Stick to drinks that are unsweetened or try seltzer if you can’t take drinking water all day. Stop drinking your calories away!

The more you foods you eat with fewer ingredients the better. Staying away from processed foods and filling your diet with healthy options only helps to keep your weight at a healthy number on the scale and fuel you for your workouts!