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The old adage, “The early bird gets the worm,” has become increasingly truer. Due to our demanding and hectic lifestyles, many health conscious individuals are trading in their evening workouts for the morning and are benefiting by a more scheduled and regime workout.

Improved Disipline & Consistency

Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist of the American Council on Exercise states, “By starting your morning with physical activity, you set the day’s pace,” Bryant says. “Morning exercisers tend to stick with their exercise habit,” he says. “By doing the bulk of exercise first thing in the morning, you get your exercise in before other distractions can intrude.” It’s a proven fact that when your workout in consistent, you’re more likely to repeat it and become less distracted by other occurrences in your life.

Improved Sleep and Weight Loss

“Research suggests that morning exercise improves sleep, a benefit that could also promote weight loss,” says Bryant. Studies have proven the connection between a good night’s sleep and positive weight loss. “We know that if you have poor quality sleep, it influences certain hormones that control appetite. It is possible that by exercising in the morning — instead of evening – the exercise affects the body’s circadian rhythm (your internal body clock) so you get better-quality sleep. Good sleep helps control the hormonal balance that helps control appetite,” says Bryant. Getting a good night’s sleep and your workout done first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day and your meals. By tackling your exercise first thing, you’re more likely to keep your eating habits in check (as to not cancel out your workout) and boost your metabolism for the rest of the day.

Increased Energy and Awareness

The results of tackling a morning workout are endless. By keeping a consistent early workout you’re more likely to have increased energy and awareness for the day ahead. The discipline it takes to wake early every morning and exercise only increases by each workout. You soon find that discipline and drive only filters into all the other parts of your life…so what are you waiting for? Stop hitting the snooze button and go!