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When you’re a trainer and you own your own gym, putting together your workout of the day is a daily ritual. I really like to challenge my warriors each time they hit the gym and have them work every part of their body. Each component of your daily workout helps keep your body on track. And each movement only helps convert your strength to power.  One exercise that will most definitely help you achieve this is the squat. Let’s take a look at why you should be incorporating the squat into your weekly workouts!

Less Chance of An Injury

Squats really impact your lower body. They help build up your hamstrings and glutes and they increase the strength in the muscles in your hips and knees. All of these components together help decrease your chance of injury in all your exercise movements. Strengthening these lower body muscles is key to decreasing your chance of injury.

Take Your Core To Another Level

Think about the movement of a squat. It’s a top to bottom motion and your form and posture need to stay on point for it to be effective and for you not to injury yourself. So guess what works overtime…your core? Whether or not you are adding weights to your squat one thing remains, your core will get an insanely intense workout every time you do one.

Improve Your Flexibility

When you work your muscles through squats, you are also improving your overall flexibility. Flexibility is key to a more productive workout: it gives you a better range of motion and reduces the risk of pressure to your back, hips and knees.

A Stronger Lower Body

Obviously we know that when you squat you are really working and strengthening your lower body. When all those muscles are working together your lower body gets stronger and stronger. And because your lower body is at constant work, your stability improves greatly. Thus making it easier to keep your balance and your form in check and your posture on point. By strengthening your lower body you are making all your future workouts stronger and more balanced.


I can’t say enough about the importance of squats in a weekly workout. If you have been avoiding them because they are too hard, then think again. Never give up on an exercise because it’s too challenging. If you have your form and technique down and you repeat the motion over and over, it will become something you can properly execute.  You’ll soon find that you can add weight to your squats as well.  The more squats you do, the more you are improving your overall function of your lower body.  You’ll find that you’re less prone to injuries when exercising, your flexibility improves and your core gets worked.  #squatssquatssquatssquats